August 18th to August 28th

“The future of the virtuoso playing of keyboard percussion instruments will require the complete mastery of tone production combined with related body movement and the excellence of musical parameters such as interpretation and colorization, all resulting to a novelty auditory showcase. 

The International Marimba Academy will focus on an intense training of concentrating highly on Albert’s acclaimed approach in body controlled marimba sound production. This innovative approach with the application of designed movement strokes and related body movement involves a vocabulary of motion, technique, intuition and body gestures, and will open up for many students a new perspective in tone production, interpretation, colorization and body movement.  

It is often disappointing to see that the target appears to be that one should overcome the most difficult techniques and works to be played, paying less attention to the visual aspect, musical performance, sonorous interpretation and qualities, lyrical approach, body gestures and stage behavior. These are all tools to shape an ultimate sound, for expressing a musical language, and finally reaching an effective communication with the audience. 

The masterclasses of all presented guest professors will show a difference of certain styles, technical views and cultural academic trends. The target appears to be that the additional application of Alberts” method “the ultimate sound” will develop further awareness of bodily movement which will be essential for the further academic development of the student’s marimba play. It will guide the new generation to improve their musical expressive performance and finally to create their own sound and voice.” 

Ludwig Albert, 2016 Movin’Grips,  ISMN 9790803756020, 

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