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International Marimba Academy

The annual International Marimba Academy, related to the prestigious Universal Marimba Competition, is founded by marimba virtuoso Dr. Ludwig Albert in 2006. The academy gathers the marimba around the globe and foster cross cultural understanding. It has been dedicated with success to inspire young students, to train competition candidates and to promote the popularization and development of the marimba art. The academy is highly praised by students for its unique locations and atmosphere, its intense training and amount of lessons, the available practice facilities and presented concerts. It is open for children and for intermediate-, advanced- to professional marimba-players in solo, duo to chamber music disciplines. Albert created in 2003 Europe’s first official Marimba Master’s department in Belgium at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Luca University. Both departments are drive by his acclaimed marimba movement method reaching for an optimal musicality and revolutionary new sonority. This method will be highlighted and trained during the academy. The academy welcomed during past editions over 550 participants from all continents and presented as guest lecturers a topflight of leading artists such as Keiko Abe, Mark Ford, Momoko Kamiya, Nanae Mimura, Naoko Takada, Chin-Cheng Lin, Rodrigo Marques, Axoum duo, Tanasit Siripanichwattana, Seung Myeong Oh, Filippo Latanzi, Foo Pui Yee and Joy Yung-Ping Liu. The Academy’s worldwide leading role is reflected by the embarking study careers and resulting winning competition Prizes of passed students. It is with proud to witness their further artistic growth. 

No doubt that this ground-breaking academy keeps marking internationally a brand new milestone of the marimba, providing an inspirational pedagogic training and presenting a unique music experience. Just as the celebrational 15th edition in 2022, The edition 2023 will also take place in Arganil Portugal, located in the wonderful Gallery of Ceramic. The teaching staff 2023 includes distinguished artists such as Filippo Lattanzi (IT), Seung Myeong Oh (KR), Rodrigo Fernandes Marques (PT) and dr. Ludwig Albert (BE). The academy welcomes as special guest the celebrated Belgian vocalist Katrine Druyts. Together with her duo partner maestro Albert, they developed worldwide as true pioneers, in this unique combination of voice and marimba, a style of their own and could inspire over 30 years several artists and composers to create new music for this strength. The Oh Percussion group from South Korea will be presented as well as special performing guest at the concerts. In addition the Academy welcomes the Italian renown flutist Anne Lisa Pisanu and the Korean flutist Suyoun Kim for the additional flute academy including during 5 days individual flute classes, masterclasses and concerts. A full week of practicing, individual lessons, masterclasses, chamber music, marimba ensemble and in- and outdoor concerts by the students, lecturers & guests. The course offers to participate as an active performing participant or as a passive observer participant. Each active participant should prepare at least 3 compositions.

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Marimbas laugh and weep, are furious and funny, are pure passion and mystery.

Shape your sound through body controlled movement. Explore a new world of colors. Truly define your unique expressive voice, and communicate all these emotions with your audience.

Join us, be inspired!